July 2021 – Edenbridge Construction Complete

27 Jul, 2021

Construction of EkkoPoint’s Edenbridge Estate is complete with all lots pegged and seeded awaiting issuance of titles. The 27-lot estate on what has been independently recognised as the best location in the neighbourhood, has limited lots available for sale and buyers have had to move decisively to secure lots in the prestigious estate. As another collaboration between EkkoPoint and Plantation Homes, Edenbridge will undoubtedly achieve the same excellent outcomes evidenced in the nearby Mulberry Place Estate (Kansas Street, Bridgeman Downs) that was undertaken by the pairing. With large, north-facing, level lots in short supply, Edenbridge’s lots also feature district views and quiet neighbourhood streets that integrate seamlessly into the surrounding suburbs. Construction of the majority of houses will be completed by award winning builder Plantation Homes, assuring the estate will have a coordinated streetscape and complimentary building architecture similar to that produced in the last EkkoPoint-Plantation collaboration at Mulberry Place.